TendoPay Available For DropX Food Subscribers

TendoPay is one of the leading installment payment gateways out there in the Philippines and it will be a sin if we do not extend this option to our subscribers. DropX frozen foods dropshipping is an option you might be aware of but if not, you can read more about DropX frozen foods.

Under our frozen foods dropshipping setup, As a dropshipper, you will be required to pay first for the orders before they will be fulfilled for you. This is not a problem because your customers must have already made payment to you because it is food and it is general knowledge for everyone to pay before delivery of food of any kind. We understand our dropshippers and subscribers will have to run ads maybe to promote their products, assuming you will be selling using your Fb page or Shopify website, this means you need some extra funds. This is where we are introducing TENDOPAY!

Screen Shot 2020 11 05 at 4.07.13 PM 1024x538 1 - DropX Dropshipping Philippines
DropX Foods is now partnered with TENDOPAY!

We are now allowing our dropshippers to pay for the products via installments. So when you have your orders from your customers and they pay you in full. You can choose to pay DropX in full via credit /debit cards or you can choose to pay via installment. We will accommodate any option that is suitable for you. We are hoping this will give you more flexibility to run your Frozen foods business in a more efficient manner.

DropX frozen foods dropshipping will officially open on September 30, 2021. Anyone who wishes to start a frozen foods business in Metro Manila whether you reside in the Metro or not. You are more than welcome to start with DropX. For more information, you can visit https://start.dropxfoods.com to learn more on how to start your dropshipping food business TODAY!

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