Shopify LITE Plans Eligible For DropX

Shopify LITE plan became available in the Philippines when the pricing was increased from $13 to $29 in 2021 by Shopify. Although there are not so much visible additional features when compared to the features for other countries, it is a good thing to have the LITE version. What is the LITE version anyway?

The Shopify Lite is a low-cost ecommerce alternative, but let us be clear: it is not for building a full online store. Instead, you get a good combination of basic tools to enable selling online and in-person via:

Buy Buttons embedded on any website
Invoices through an email link or keyed-in from your end
Via Facebook shops and Messenger channel

Instead of creating an online store in the Shopify account (only possible on Shopify’s pricier plans), you create a product library complete with images, product descriptions, variants, stock levels etc. You can then add these products on any of the above channels, and the backend keeps stock and order information synced across channels.

The sad news about using the LITE version is that you will have limited features. However, you will still be able to access the Shopify dashboard. You will also not need to have a domain or design a website which is also a good advantage. Shopify LITE version however makes it hard to use most of the Shopify apps in the app store because you dont have an online store and technically do not need those apps. We are working to change that for you, This means that when you are using the DropX Shopify app, you can install it on your store even if you are using Shopify LITE version. This is a huge boost for those who wish to sell via their Facebook page alone and not having to create a website for their dropshipping business.

The Shopify LITE version is only $9/month. You can sign up for the LITE version by visiting the link: https://www.shopify.com/lite. We recommend this version if you dont want to use a website and you want to grow your business using your facebook pages and massenger channel. This is the right cost saving plan for you. DropX will be able to work for you on any of the Shopify plans you choose. For a more detailed explanation on the two plans, See photo below.