FB Page + DropX Dropshipping Integration

DropX is committed to making dropshipping available and flexible to all. The idea of dropshipping is to be able to sell products online no matter the medium and not have the stocks of the products or be involved in fulfillment – vice versa.

The majority of the DropX dropshippers will be using Shopify and the rest will be using WooCommerce. These are established platforms for creating your online website and they do require capital to maintain them or even launch them. One might wonder, are there other ways to sell or dropship? Must I have a Shopify store? Must I have a WordPress + WooCommerce store? The answer is NO!

DropX is introducing an automated FB page dropshipping channel for those who would not like to create an online store, design it and buy a domain. We understand everyone has their preferences which is why we are introducing this option. This will give you the option to choose more avenues to sell or launch your online business. The FB page dropshipping channel is for those who are well versed in messaging ads campaigns. You can sell via your page and transfer the orders to DropX.

The setup: Setting it up is easy, We want to make sure everything is automated as well. Hence, you will be needing the Shopify inventory system – don’t worry you do not need to create an online store or buy a domain. The Shopify inventory system can be accessed as Shopify Lite. Using this plan you will be able to install the DropX app and import products to your inventory. You may not sync this inventory to your FB shop or messenger or not if you do not want to. After this, You may go ahead and choose products and run ads for them via your FB page using the messaging objective. Once you have ordered, you will process the orders via the Shopify dashboard which will send your orders automatically to DropX!

lite - DropX Dropshipping Philippines
Shopify lite is only $9 per month.

DropX will be providing guides on how this will work as soon as we launch. All the guides will be free on our YouTube channel. You must follow us on all channels so that you do not miss any important updates. Dropshipping is becoming more flexible and we are inclined to change alongside. Using the DropX Fb page dropshipping channel, You can run your business just on your FB page!

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