DropX Fulfillment Rates

At DropX, our priority is to make sure your orders are inspected, packed, and shipped on time. Speed is our motto when it comes to fulfilment and logistics. DropX is a service and for every service there are fees. We do charge some fees each time we fulfil an order for your store. In this post, I will explain how it is and what is charged.

What do fulfilment fee charges include or cover?

Inspection: We take this seriously, Before we ship an order we make sure things are working fine, we do this to avoid or lower the risk of returns and unhappy customers. Since you are a drop shipper, you will not be able to inspect the stocks on your own. We got this covered for you.

Packing: The next thing included in your fulfilment fee is the packing and packaging of your goods. Through your fulfilment fee, we will secure your tapes, bubble wraps other necessary packing materials to make sure that your orders are well packed. This will help reduce incidents where your customer receives some damaged goods.

RTS Management: Returns management is also part of your fulfilment fee. DropX handles your returns smoothly. When your customer experience a bad or defective item delivered to them and it is reported within 7 days, DropX will arrange a swift replacement for you, the item will be picked up from the customer’s location and then a new one will be delivered to them.

The fulfilment fee is charged per order that is processed. This means that for every order that was shipped by DropX, a fulfilment fee will apply to it regardless of the delivery was successful or not. Fulfilment fees are not refundable at any time. We have 3 tiers of fulfilment which will be explained below.

DropX Fulfillment fee rates updated as of April 9, 2021 is only PHP20.00 per order.

Our fulfillment fees are subject to change anytime. Announcements will be made once we have any changes in our fulfillment fees for 2021.