Why You Need Instagram For Your eCommerce Store In 2021

Instagram has grown to become one of the most popular social networking platforms now. When used properly, Instagram is now one of the most effective tools for eCommerce stores to sell products and engage with followers. It’s a place where you can showcase your products and convey the story behind your brand. In other words, it is a superb way to show your customers what life is like with your products!

Over the years, Facebook keeps releasing features across its product line of apps and Instagram is not an exception – IG shops is a good example of that. One thing certain is that Instagram will continue to grow as new users pop in every day and the longer you wait, the more your business is missing out on a huge exposure and potential sales. Here are a few reasons why you should be using Instagram for your ecommerce business.

  1. More people equals more audience: As of January 2019, Instagram ranked 6th in a survey of the most popular social networks worldwide ranked by number of users with 1 billion subscribers. According to Omnicore, 80% of its 500 million daily users are outside the United States, 35% of them are millennials and 37% check their feed multiple times per day. Engagement on Instagram is measured by likes, comments and shares on Instagram are enviable as it boasts of a score of 4.2% – ten times greater than Facebook, 55 times greater than Pinterest and 85 times greater than Twitter.  With this ocean of eyes available, businesses can make resounding successes with a dedicated Instagram marketing strategy. You should be on Instagram!
  2. IG Shops: The Instagram shop is similar to Fb shops, is now available in the Philippines. The shops is one of the most continent ways to shop on Instagram. Your customers can discover your products and shop directly from Instagram without having to leave the app. This is a tool EVERY business should utilize including you. IG shops can be easy to setup forr Shopify merchants. It can be done by simply installing the Facebook Shopify app and follow the instructions.
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3. Your customers will look for you: Customers will search for you on Instagram. They might search for you specifically by name, or by hashtags relating to your business or location. Either way, not finding you is a bad experience. Even if you don’t plan to be incredibly active on Instagram, the best practice is to create an account that, at the very least, has your business name, contact information, and a few posts to showcase your brand. In any case, you don’t want that search to come up empty – or, even worse, lead them to a competitor.

4. Reviews & word of mouth marketing: The following reason why you need to find an Instagram accounts for your eCommerce store is word-of-mouth marketing. It is another good eCommerce strategy. It happens when someone is so enthused about your product they tell it to somebody else. If you have an Instagram profile and a superb product, this will happen to you as well. Instagram users can take photos of your product, share them on their accounts, and tag you. When someone tells about your store in person, it only gets noticed by one person. But, when someone posts an image with your product on Instagram, then it could be seen by all their followers! Sometimes, it will even get seen by thousands of individuals. So, it’s like a completely free Instagram influencer shoutout! You can create this “word of mouth” advertising effect even stronger by creating your own hashtag for your brand. Overall, it causes a natural increase in your brand awareness!

5. Easier to find influencers: In social media, there are viewers and there are influencers. Influencers are celebrities, mostly online, who will often promote a product or brand and drive it to become mainstream. Excellent Instagram influencers are known to take your marketing efforts and sales to an unprecedented level; penetrating demographics that you wouldn’t normally reach thereby increasing your ROI. A well-known influencer can spread the word of your business to millions of Instagram followers with a few posts. But beware of the wannabe ‘influencer’ not all accounts ant their followers are real!

6. A new audience to test: Instagram presents a new audience to test your market. Granted, all your ads on Facebook will run on Instagram as part of the placement. Having your Instagram business account will help you to run a full dedicated Instagram only campaigns. This will help you to measure your strongest social media outpost and see where you can focus more.


There are many reasons and the list can go on and on and on. The bottom line is that as a business or ecommerce store owner, You should be on instagram today. If you are already there then you should start utilizing that amazing social platform.

Are you on IG already? What are your thoughts?