Frozen Foods Dropshipping & Its Benefits

The tradition has always been all about buying and selling traditional goods and services. This is why whenever someone mentions dropshipping; we can only think in that direction. Agree to see that is the case but DropX is about to change that!

Introducing the new angle of dropshipping from us – FROZEN FOODS dropshipping. It is a daring but yet sweet and profitable model of dropshipping that has not really taken off mainly because of the amount of infrastructure and capital needed to run this kind of dropshipping business. The food and grocery sector is evergreen and in fact, increased since the start of the outbreak in the Philippines according to Statista.

DSR 1 - DropX Dropshipping Philippines

DropX is always committed to providing profitable ways to earn money online through dropshipping. We are now opening the DropX Frozen Foods Dropshipping program to everyone. Today, you can start your own frozen food online store without having to worry about the backend procedure and infrastructure needed to keep things going. Let us look at it properly. If you were to start your own frozen food business you will need a LOT of capital to get started in the first place. You need to secure your cold room or freezers, have constant electricity, and on-demand delivery. That is a lot of capital already, to begin with. DropX frozen foods remove all these for you. The only thing you need to do is simply add products to your store and start selling in few clicks.

Benefits of having a frozen food store powered by DropX:

There are many benefits to this kind of dropshipping model in the Philippines. Guaranteed as I have already mentioned that this is an evergreen niche and it is showing no signs of stopping. Let us look at the other advantages of this kind of dropshipping model.

  1. No Cash On Delivery This is the real deal for many! Cash on delivery is a popular payment option in the Philippines and even in dropshipping, it has been implemented and obviously, this payment method has its own disadvantages; which come in form of package rejection or RTS. In the frozen foods dropshipping business, cash on delivery DOES NOT EXIST. This is food and it is expected that the customers pay for it before it is shipped or fulfilled. So imagine? No COD? sweet right?
  2. On-Demand Shipment: In frozen foods dropshipping, your customer gets their merchandise literally within 1 or 2hrs depending on their location. DropX is equipped to fulfill and ship out your orders within the hour. In some cases, you can even take an order for delivery tomorrow. Since the customer has paid for their order, all you need to do is to transfer the order to DropX and make payment. Book delivery and BOOM! Keep your profits. We utilize on-demand deliveries like Mr speedy, grab express, and lala move. This ensures that your customer gets their food or frozen items within the day.
  3. Direct Supplier Access: DropX is connected to various suppliers in the Philippines and items are procured from them directly. This means that you will be enjoying direct supplier pricing for your products thereby giving you a huge profit margin chance.
  4. Sell In Multiple Places: DropX frozen foods dropshipping is mostly manual and it is not an app or a system that automatically captures your orders. We are doing this to give you options and avenues you can sell online. You can sell in the FB marketplace, Your FB page, Shopify, Instagram, Lazada Fresh! It does not matter where you are selling! All you need to do is to place the order on the DropX website and wait for it to be processed! BOOM!

How to start a frozen food dropshipping store?

It is not hard to start your frozen food business with DropX! Notably, Dropshipping frozen foods are not like basic general product dropshipping. This is why this option is not open to all. We have to control the number of frozen foods stores to keep inventory sufficient and our service as smooth as possible. We are opening the first batch of slots around September 29, 2021. Interested ones may join our waitlist here: https://go.dropx.ph/DropFood. Fill up the forms and get notified when we launch the Frozen foods dropshipping business.

For more information about this, please feel free to leave a comment below or visit the DropX help center at http://help.dropx.ph