Private: New Audience Restrictions On FB Ads

Facebook never ceases to surprise us with updates and constant changes. A recent update from the giant social media highlights more on privacy and user data mostly. As a result, there are new updates affecting advertisers starting August 23, 2021. Facebook will stop allowing advertisers to target people under 18 on its platforms based on their interests or their activity on other sites, it said on Tuesday in a slew of announcements about young users.

The change means advertisers will soon be able to target under-18s only by age, gender, or location on Facebook, its Messenger service, and its photo-sharing platform Instagram. In a blog post, Instagram said it was making the change because it agreed with youth advocates that young people might not be equipped to make decisions about targeting. A Facebook spokesman said there would be no changes to the user data the company collects. For more information, you may proceed to the Official Facebook News Page.

According to Facebook: ” We’re making changes to how advertisers can reach young people with ads. Starting in a few weeks, we’ll only allow advertisers to target ads to people under 18 (or older in certain countries) based on their age, gender, and location. This means that previously available targeting options, like those based on interests or their activity on other apps and websites, will no longer be available to advertisers. These changes will be global and apply to Instagram, Facebook, and Messenger.

We believe in showing people relevant ads so they can discover and purchase products that are interesting to them. To show people the most relevant ads, advertisers choose the types of people they want to see their ads. That could include choosing to show their ads to people with certain interests, like basketball, or based on information that they — or other partners — share with us about their activity on their website and apps. That’s information like whether someone put a certain pair of shoes in their shopping cart or browsed for a new summer grill.”

How does this affect advertisers?

From my point of view, I believe this is a great decision. Underaged audiences are not of high importance when running our ads. In the Philippines, this is a major problem when you are targeting a broad audience or under-18yr olds. These audiences are not yet financially ready to make a purchase or engage your ads. Hence, we are technically wasting money or showing our ads to irrelevant audiences.

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Facebook has also mentioned that once people are over 18, They will be notified. According to Facebook’s official post: “When young people turn 18, we’ll notify them about targeting options that advertisers can now use to reach them and the tools we provide to them to control their ad experience”. We will watch and see how this will be implemented especially since one can create an account with false information. According to the recent development, Facebook is introducing or will implement strictly their user verification policy. This means that if someone who is underaged was able to sign up with false information or a new user, They will be asked to verify their information. Facebook will also monitor user activity on their app and some activities might trigger a verification which is usually done by submitting a valid govt. ID.

This restriction is not for all countries concerning age. According to Facebook, Detailed targeting and custom audiences will no longer be available to target ads to people under 18 globally, 20 in Thailand, or 21 in Indonesia. For new ads that include young people, you’ll only be able to target by location, age, and gender.

What do you make of this change? Is it good or bad?

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