Getting Started With DropX Frozen Foods Dropshipping

Frozen foods dropshipping! Word on the street has it that you can now start selling frozen foods online without having to keep inventory or even worry about storage facilities and all of that involved. How true is that?. The dropshipping game is changing and you have to adapt or lose it. We have all been talking about our launch of frozen foods dropshipping launch but today we want to show you how to get started and you can do that by creating an account.

Uploaded on Youtube by DropX Philippines

According to the Markets and Markets report, the global frozen foods business is projected to grow at a CAGR of 5.1% which is outstanding. Plus, online frozen stores offer benefits like lower set-up costs, no opening time restrictions, etc. And, what if we say you’re just an inch away from opening your own frozen foods store online? The video above is a step-by-step guide on how to create your own frozen foods dropshipping account before subscribing to the service.

One might ask; Why is there a subscription fee? A dropshipping company is a service and we are making it easy for you to start a business without having to worry about the overhead costs like buying freezers, utility bills, having and renting a location, and hiring your staff to make everything work. Eventually, you might need up to PHP300,000 to start a frozen foods business. That’s too high for almost everyone; with DropX, we take care of all those things and all you need to do is to subscribe and enjoy this flexible and highest ROI dropshipping business!


Got more questions? We are here to help! On September 30, 2021; we held a webinar upon launching the DropX frozen foods business officially. You are welcome to watch below:

LIVE Webinar held by Odera Joseph. Visit the official DropX Frozen Foods Website