Frozen Foods Dropshipping With DropX Philippines

Frozen foods dropshipping is taking a new shape – for the better. The beauty of dropshipping is to be able to sell goods and services online without having to worry about inventory, stocks, warehouses, or logistics management. The truth is that not everyone will ever understand this kind of business model but the few who do knows the value of this. In reality, dropshipping is a fulfillment business model and it powering over 50% of online stores worldwide. Dropshipping is not just about going to Aliexpress or getting products from China. It is everything, it is everywhere and now it is in FROZEN FOOD!

Yes, dropshipping is possible with FROZEN FOODS. As I mentioned earlier, dropshipping is not about selling goods and services online, it is now done in food and DropX is one of the first to test this on a large scale – you can be part of it. The idea behind it remains the same, you will be selling frozen foods and ready-to-eat foods online or in marketplaces like every other normal seller but you will have a BIG advantage. You will not be required to keep stocks or have a warehouse or build a cold room. DropX does everything for you.

How Profitable Is Frozen Foods Dropshipping?

First, can you even sell frozen foods online? The short answer is YES, The long answer is YES, but you have to be much smarter and more attentive with your logistics. Otherwise, your customers will receive thawed products, which can lead to a mess you want to avoid unless you prefer furious customers over happy ones. It’s for this reason why most frozen foods are sold only through physical retail.

But with eCommerce growing at a rapid pace and the flexibility it gives to new business owners, it would be dumb not to take advantage of it. Not to mention that it can give you a better chance to get your product in retail stores since you now have data to prove your product sells and an audience that can help generate more foot traffic to those stores. This is why DropX frozen foods dropshipping exist.

The fact is that frozen foods or food businesses are one of the FASTEST ROI businesses you can start today because it is a FAST MOVING PRODUCT business. We all love foods and the pandemic didn’t make it easy for us to go out and eat. During the lockdown, the shopping behavior of Filipinos changed and that has affected food in a good way! According to a survey conducted by Rakuten Insight in the Philippines, 68 percent of the respondents aged 45 to 54 stated that they purchased dry food items during the COVID-19 pandemic as of May 2020. In comparison, there was six percent of respondents aged 16 to 24 purchased alcoholic beverages.

Another reason why starting a frozen foods business is ideal is the profit margin. This of course boils down to where you get your products from; your supplier and manufacturer. DropX frozen foods get products DIRECT from the supplier so you are assured of the lowest price possible. This means that you can earn 30% profit and as much as 80% profit on the products. Does that not sound good? The best part is the lack of cash on delivery, you can get your profit immediately and keep the money running in the business. Dropshipping does not require you to keep inventory or anything so imagine having access to more than 200+ SKUs, no cold room, no freezers; Just market, sell and make money. That alone is a PROFIT.

So Where Can You Sell These Frozen Foods Products?

So now that you have the products, where do you sell them? where do you market it? The short answer is EVERYWHERE. Yes, the options are limitless for you. Some of the places where you can sell and market your products are:

  • Lazada
  • Shopee
  • Shopify
  • WooCommerce
  • FB Page
  • FB Marketplaces

How To Start Frozen Foods Business & What Is The Capital?

The capital to start this business is less and that is what makes it appealing. The first thing is the subscription fee to access the products. Remember, you are using a dropshipping company that is tasked with making these products available for you and make sure they are properly frozen and ready to ship for you. You will be doing NOTHING. DropX is a service and needs s subscription fee to provide this service to you. The subscription fee for DropX frozen foods is PHP4,999 only. With this, you will be able to access all the catalogs and SKUS and simply grab the products, put them in your store and start selling. It’s that simple. So how do you go about the steps?

  1. Create your DropX foods account: You need to have a dropshipping account in order to benefit from this. You can sign up for a FREE account at https://www.dropxfoods.com
  2. Subscribe to DropX foods: Once you are done creating your account and viewing the products, The next thing is for you to subscribe to the service. You can subscribe by clicking on https://subscribe.dropxfoods.com
  3. Activate Subscription: The next step is to activate your subscription. Activating your account will help you and allow you to view all the SKU prices for Dropshipping. You can do this by simply visiting https://activate.dropxfoods.com and upload your receipt.
  4. Create a store and start selling: Next step is to create your store. You can choose Shopify or any other platform. Most of the clients will choose Lazada and Shopee because of the FREE traffic available.
  5. Earn money!

To learn more about how to start dropshipping with DropX frozen foods kindly visit https://www.dropxfoods.com. You can also join the dedicated FB group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/dropxfrozen. You can also follow us on Facebook for updates! https://www.facebook.com/dropx.ph