DropX Begin MMIO Integration For Omni-Channel Dropshipping

DropX and MMIO (Marketing Master IO) are on a mission to change the dropshipping game and that includes making sure this business model is available to all and everyone. It is for a fact that the Dropshipping business model will not die or will not fade but it will change and one of the changes includes the way the business is conducted. Normally, an online store should have a website and operate there only but as we evolve and commerce is evolving it will be a mistake not to take note of the conversational e-commerce growth especially in the Philippines. Chatting and conversational e-commerce is by no means on the rise in the Philippines, the idea that you can own and operate a business just on your Facebook page is already too existing not just because of its simplicity but also the extremely low startup cost involved when compared to setting up a website. This model of business is also on the rise because of the market demand in the Philippines, most people now prefer a more personal touch before making a purchase, We can say that is one of the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

MMIO is one of the leading all-in-one omnichannel marketing platforms in the Philippines, This means you have all the marketing tools in one and I am talking about Email, Chatbot, Messaging, SMS, Social Media automation, and many more others all in one. The MMIO platform also has its inbuilt eCommerce shop that integrates with your Facebook page. This way you can start eCommerce and manage everything from one place. Omni-Channel indeed. As of writing, the MMIO platform boats 14,000+ users and 301 Million+ messages sent using their platform. The platform also has inbuilt integrations with 15+ partners which includes the likes of Paymongo, Stripe, Lazada, Integromart, WooCommerce, PayPal, Sendgrid, and many others. However, MMIO does not have a dropshipping program. The eCommerce feature in MMIO allows you to create your inbuilt store which begs the questions for new eCommerce players who wants to use the platform for their dropshipping business:

  • Where do I get products?
  • How do I find suppliers?
  • Do I need to add everything manually?
  • How do I connect my MMIO to a dropshipping platform?

For all these questions and many more, We jumped into a discussion with the MMIO team and we are glad to say that we have begun the integration process to bring dropshipping to the system – Allowing everyone with all classes of budget to be able to start their eCommerce business smoothly!

What Does This Mean?
This means that something big is coming to conversational e-commerce and the first in the Philippines. This also means that dropshipping is now more affordable than ever, If you are on a budget; you do not need to spend a lot just to build an online store or buy a hosting or a domain. You can simply run your business with MMIO and your Facebook page. This is a great boost for you if you are very comfortable with conversational e-commerce. MMIO users will also get to enjoy an automated dropshipping system.

Some of the exciting features you will enjoy:

  • Access to hundreds of products from DropX
  • Easily import products to your MMIO shop
  • The automated order fulfillment process
  • Automated shipping and fulfillment
  • Combined support from DropX and MMIO
  • Email marketing feature (MMIO)
  • SMS marketing feature already existing in MMIO
  • And many more!

The DropX + MMIO omnichannel conversational dropshipping will be released this 2021 and most likely in December. We will be relating more updates when the time comes. At this point, we are excited to provide more options for business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs who want to start their dropshipping businesses.