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DropX, pronounced as “DropX” is a subsidiary of TFE Commerce Solutions and is known for its innovative, fast, and efficient dropshipping service in the Philippines. The term DropX came from the word “drop” short for drop shipping and X stands for “Express” that signifies the speed of the overall process of storage, inventory, fulfillment, shipping & accounting.

DropX is a subsidiary of TFE commerce solutions, Inc. Co-founded by Odera Joseph and his wife Trina Felix. Joseph is regarded as one of the pioneers of COD dropshipping and molding the dropshipping landscape in the Philippines with his rich knowledge and experience in e-commerce & dropshipping. Trina Felix, a businesswoman by trade, has been venturing into technology and e-commerce since 2019.

DropX will pave the way for companies and manufacturers to get a better venue to showcase their products, broaden its reach from local to nationwide in just a couple of clicks.
DropX subscribers on the other hand take advantage of this technology that allows them to sell a wide variety of products including those that require an on demand or immediate delivery, anytime, anywhere.
The DropX platform also features other functions that allow the user to connect to other e-commerce platforms available in the Philippines to leverage a much wider audience and sales.
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With DropX we aim to provide:

10X boost

We want to empower as many Filipinos as possible. We want to give them the path to become financially stable.


Speed is our language. We want to be the go-to solutions for speedy fulfillment and dropshipping service.

Unfair Advantage

We want our clients to have an unfair advantage against their competitors in the business using our DropX service.
Our state-of-the-art technology is connected to various courier services and numerous warehouses in the Philippines which makes us the first company in the country to allow business owners of perishable products such as milk tea, ice creams, pizzas, etc. to dropship their products, hence; eliminating any boundaries that limits any products to be sold due to time & geographical restrictions.

At DropX, companies or suppliers have an advantage through our partner platform that allows them to monitor their supplies inventory, set the availability or adjust volume quantity to let DropX subscribers know how much they can still sell.

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TFE Commerce Solutions aims to provide a wide spectrum of business services to address modern needs. From E-commerce Enablement, Dropshipping Services, Warehousing, Fulfillment, Ad Optimization, App & Website Development, Business Consultation and more, TFE Commerce Solutions also seeks to empower aspiring and contemporary entrepreneurs. By producing quality service and arming clients with the right knowledge to scale their businesses, we are eager to share wonderful opportunities to our clients worldwide.


In the near future, TFE Commerce Solution will be the leading commerce solutions provider for online and offline business needs anywhere in the world. In line with our commitment to inspire and serve, we will have helped at least 500 Filipino entrepreneurs to be a millionaire.
TFE Commerce Solutions will be an institution for everything business, no matter how big or small. At DropX, our vision is to be the leading go-to dropshipping platform in the Philippines and other SEA countries.

Meet The Founders

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Odera Joseph


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Trina Felix


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Boundless reach, boundless business!

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